27 December 2016

Christmas time

Hello, how are you doing guys? And more important how your stomachs are doing, haha? We all know, Christmas is great, Christmas is fun as you can get many gifts, you have opportunity to see your family members and so on, but it can be challenging times to your stomach as well as we all wanna eat everything we see on a table!
Today I wanna have a little chat with you by telling how did I spent my Christmas time and give you a great idea maybe for your New Years party or any upcoming event you are waiting for. So let's begin our chat, shall we?

This year I spent my Christmas here in Istanbul. I guess I never said this directly to my readers, but yes, I did changed my religion so I no longer celebrate Christmas...but my family does. So seeing them and other friends looking for gifts, buying Christmas tree, etc made me kind of sad a little, because this year I couldn't visit them in Lithuania. So I thought 25th and 26th of December gonna be for me just a regular days being at home, BUT thanks to Misafirliq my plans have changed and I had chance to invite few friends and enjoy delicious snacks!
Misafirliq is online catering brand which can help you to plan your celebrations! How? We all know that sometimes celebrations or just a simple gathering at your home can be very stressful as we think what can we cook to our guests, what products do we need, how long it will take, etc... with Misafirliq you can forget all that stress and I should admit that these type of brands were created for people like me. I hate cooking and it brings me all the time stress so order food online is my lifesaver!

What I like about Misafirliq the most is that there is so much menus to pick from. They offer menu for breakfast, barbecue, baby shower, coctail party, new years, henna party and much more. You can also pick traditional kitchen, modern kitchen or vegetarian one. In any case you can't find menu which can be suitable to you, then you can always create your own menu! Also you can order plates, flowers, decorations and even a waitress service if you need! That is so much easy right? Just few clicks with your mouse and your party or event ready to start.

You have to make an order at least 2 days advance of your event that company would have enough time to prepare your order.  All you have to do, is to pick menu you want, add to your basket, pick number of people / portion (it should be minimum 4), give details where and when it should be delivered, make payment and that's it! Orders can be made only in Istanbul. Order will be packed nicely in boxes and everything is fresh and delicious! Web page is in Turkish, but if you don't know any Turkish, don't worry. You can just email to and you will get quick answer and help you need.

My advice, don't forget order Sarma, because it's really delicious! Mini kumpirs, profiterol, hamburgers also great! I honestly liked all of the snacks. Well, I can't say anything about the hummus though... because in general I don't like this snack, but my experience with this brand is only positive so you definitely have my recommendation! So forget stress in the kitchen, just make few clicks with your mouse and enjoy your celebration together with Misafirliq 
You can find there web page here. Also you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Viskas atrodo taip skaniai. Noreciau pabandyti. Labai graziai isdestei mintis ir apibudinai cia kompanija. O nuotrauku grazumas... Puiku!!!


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