1 January 2016

A city which raised me up

Daugiau nei prieš metus manęs paprašė parašyti straipsnį vienam internetiniam puslapiui. Tai puslapis skirtas Stambule studijuojantiems erasmus studentams sužinoti daugiau apie kultūrą, maistą, istoriją, renginius, miestą ir panašius dalykus. Svetainėje galima rasti tokią skiltį kaip 'Prisiminimai' kuriai būtent ir rašiau apie savo patirtį ir prisiminimus pirmą kartą nusprendus vykti į Stambulą. Straipsnį rašiau anglų kalba,tad ir dabar publikuoju tik angliškai nes išvertus jis prarastų esmę. Gero skaitymo apie mano prisiminimus o svetainę galite rasti čia.

More than a year ago I have been asked to write an article for one webpage. It's a page for Erasmus students who come to Istanbul and want to learn more about culture, food, history, events, city and etc. In the webpage you may find section called ' Memories' that I wrote for about my memories and decision come to Istanbul for the first time. Enjoy reading it and the webpage you can find here.

I will never forget the first time my foot touched a magical city Istanbul which as I learned in the following years taught me a lot and even raised me up.
Four years ago a girl which was only 18 years old was sitting in a bus which was bringing her from Antalya to Istanbul. She just graduated from school and instead of enrol to university, she decided come to live in Turkey. It was almost a midnight when she first time saw the city which became her real home. As a girl which was born in a very small town with population of 10.000 people she was looking trough the bus window and was trying to figure it out where the city is starting and where finishing out. She couldn’t understand the size of it and she was so surprise when she found out there was even few bus stops and she don’t know which one she needs to get of.

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